The final week of October celebrates Big Energy Saving Week, which highlights the importance of preparing for winter, in terms of the energy efficiency in your home. However, what is also important to consider is how to be energy efficient as an organisation this winter. This is of particular relevance, following Dr Elsa João’s insight into the advantages of carbon audits for organisations.

Improving energy efficiency in the workplace involves the use of certain products, which meet the industry standards, in the interest of energy performance.

The Energy Saving Trust can offer a list of endorsed products, which meet these standards, which includes boilers, heating controls, glazing and water softeners.

In the interest of sustainability as a business, you may consider a consultation tailored to your specific organisation, to ensure your investment in energy efficiency is both cost effective and a sufficient solution to the specific needs of your organisation. The Energy Saving Trust trains employees working with energy saving technologies, allowing them deliver important information and advice to their customers.

The Energy Saving Trust can look specifically at the opportunity for energy savings in organisations. With regards to your business, they may consider the capabilities of the building in which you operate in terms of insulation, and the specific heating/cooling systems you currently use. They may also highlight where new technologies and innovations are now more suitable for your specific organisation.

Energy efficiency is important all year-round, but now is certainly an ideal time to take this into consideration as we approach the colder months of the year.

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