In the 2014 Autumn Statement, the UK government announced a £31m funding allocation (subject to final approval by government of the NERC business case) to create world-class subsurface research test centres through NERC, operated by the British Geological Survey. To ensure that ESIOS meets the current and future needs of the scientific user community, a long-term coherent science plan for ESIOS will be developed between now and March 2016. This process includes this invitation to the UK and international science community to submit high-level science ideas to explore through ESIOS. More information is available through the links below.

This is an excellent opportunity for the geoscience community to consider submitting thoughts on how the science plan should be developed. Note this is not a call for proposals, this is a call to help shape the science plan.

Closing date: 16:00 on 30 October 2015

NERC invites the UK science community to submit high-level ideas for the science capability and capacity requirements of the Energy Security & Innovation Observing System for the Subsurface (ESIOS) project.

ESIOS will establish world-leading knowledge that will be applicable to a wide range of energy technologies, both within the UK and internationally. ESIOS will provide national science facilities for:

1.       Monitoring and observing – answering questions on how subsurface energy technologies interact with the environment.

2.       Independent scientific evidence – answering questions on new and established energy supply and storage technology, increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Full information on the call is available at:

If you have any queries, please contact:


Energy Security & Innovation Observing System for the Subsurface project town hall meeting

22 October 2015 (Thursday)

British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG

Registration closes 2 October 2015

NERC is holding a town hall meeting for the Energy Security & Innovation Observing System for the Subsurface (ESIOS) project on Thursday 22 October 2015. We invite the UK science community, and others with an interest in the ESIOS project, to attend to help us develop science ideas for the ESIOS project

The following broad themes, as well as ideas from participants, will be discussed at the town hall meeting:

·         Subsurface fluid flow, heat, biological material (biofilms), geodynamics, geophysics, etc.

·         Subsurface energy technology sectors, such as geothermal, carbon capture and storage, shale gas, energy storage, etc.

·         Environmental impacts on groundwater, soils, carbon cycle, etc.

To register for the town hall meeting please complete the online registration form available at:

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