This week, innovation in the offshore wind industry has been supported by £1.5 million of funding from the Scottish Government. The money will contribute towards a project run by the Carbon Trust; their offshore wind accelerator (OWA) research and design project.

The renewables industry has developed significantly in recent years and has only boosted the Scottish economy, providing a large number of jobs across the sector. It is therefore important that support for this industry continues, as the energy industry in Scotland has dedicated much time and effort to working towards a low-carbon economy.

With energy targets in place for 2020, Scotland has already made significant progress and we must now look forward to new targets, for example, renewable sources catering for 50% of Scotland’s energy requirements by 2030.

In continuing to move towards a low-carbon economy, there is a large focus on new developments in wind energy and specifically, offshore wind and the recent support from the Scottish Government will certainly play a large role in boosting innovation across the industry and meeting new energy targets.

At Scottish Energy Association we support organisations across the energy supply chain, in the interest of developing existing and emerging technologies and innovations, involved in the generation of various forms of energy, including renewables.


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