In an exciting new development, Star Renewable Energy is preparing to transport an industrial scale heat pump from its Glasgow Factory to E.ON’s community energy centre in east Devon, in the interest of supplying hot water and heating to a number of homes and 1.4 million square feet of industrial space.

The heat pump will cater to 3,500 homes, operating within the UK’s first renewable heat network.

The technology has already been used in other locations, such as Drammen, Norway where it supplies renewable heating to a population of 64,000 by harvesting the cold water of a nearby fjord, therefore extracting warmth. A similar process will be in place in east Devon, with heat extracted from the cold water of nearby streams and rivers.

Not only will this new addition to the renewable heat network supply heating and hot water for a large number of homes, it will also generate over 6,500 new jobs in the area, as its purpose will also be to power the industrial park.

The energy centre can generate enough power to provide heating to smaller areas and housing developments and at times, entire towns or cities.

Invented by Dr A. Pearson, the pump uses zero carbon ammonia rather than HFCs, making it both revolutionary and innovative and a technology, which should certainly be gaining recognition across the UK.

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