This week, Scottish Energy Association proudly welcomes new member, corporate financial advisors, Snell Bridge, who are based in Edinburgh and provide consultancy services to both public and private sector organisations in the UK and beyond.

In terms of the energy industry, Snell Bridge are knowledgeable in the areas of onshore and offshore wind, biomass, solar and hydro and offer their clients consultancy services in the financing and structuring of renewable energy projects.

In joining Scottish Energy Association, Simon Robinson, Managing Director said: “With both UK and Scottish energy policy in a state of flux, the industry faces a period of significant change and opportunity.  We look forward to working with SEA members to finance the infrastructure that will meet our energy needs over the coming decades.”

Scottish Energy Association is dedicated to ensuring the best possible opportunities for businesses operating within the energy sector.

We offer an informed voice across the industry, working closely and advising leading players on all relevant energy matters. In being as transparent as possible, we ensure that the consumer is fully informed, in terms of industry trends and insights.

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