The most recent organisation to join Scottish Energy Association is Centrica, who are not only the biggest energy supplier in the UK but who also have a growing presence in the North American market, therefore helping to shape the future of energy in the UK, North America, Europe and further afield.

As a top FTSE 100 company, Centrica covers the eight essential parts of the energy business; they source energy, generate it, process it, store, trade it, supply it, service it and save it. This ‘energy chain’ is at the core of their pulling power and every part of the chain is equally important in contributing to the success of the company.

The chain, introduced in 2008, is now embedded across all Centrica operations, as are strong corporate responsibility standards and high quality leadership behaviour.

Scottish Energy Association is delighted to welcome yet another member and an organisation with extensive experience and knowledge of the energy supply chain.

Christine McGourty, Centrica Corporate Affairs Director, UK & Europe, said: “We’re very pleased to join the Scottish Energy Association and are looking forward to the benefits that our membership will bring. It’s a great chance to connect with others who are experts in their field, and will bring many positive opportunities for networking and sharing our knowledge and expertise.”

SEA is dedicated to strengthening commercial relationships, providing knowledge sharing and networking opportunities throughout the year, with one of our biggest events, The UK Shale Energy Conference taking place later this week, on Friday, September 30th.

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