Logic Energy is the most recent organisation to join Scottish Energy Association and is a company, which offers expertise in both hardware and software, built upon the knowledge of industry experts, delivering integrated solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Committed to simplicity and maximising efficiency, Logic Energy Ltd offer turnkey software solutions for the utility sector, ranging from pilot tests for emerging renewable energy sources, to software development and data aggregation for energy management and customer engagement.

The Internet of Things, demand-side management and carbon saving technologies are among their key areas of interest and they have a solid track record of delivering cloud based integrated solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Connectivity, accessibility and customisation are hallmarks of their technology – all of their Internet enabled systems and software solutions offer seamless integration with web dashboards, mobile applications and cloud-hosted data storage.

Logic Energy have been working with the utilities sector for over 6 years with the most recent project being the H2020 €12M European funded Real Value Project – the largest Research and Innovation programme in Europe and are the ideal partner for utility companies involved in carbon saving and/or connected homes projects, requiring services such as:

  • Your own cloud data platform with tailored software
  • Data aggregation and connectivity to 3rdparty service providers and product manufacturers
  • User friendly end customer mobile phone apps

The team offers years of expertise and knowledge within energy monitoring and connection to renewable energy technologies, smart devices and products and Scottish Energy Association is delighted to welcome them as members.

Lisa Cairns, Commercial Director at Logic Energy said: “We’re delighted to become members of Scottish Energy Association and look forward to networking with organisations across the energy supply chain. Another membership advantage is the knowledge sharing opportunities and we look forward to attending SEA events in the future.”

SEA is dedicated to strengthening commercial relationships, providing knowledge sharing and networking opportunities throughout the year. Our next Knowledge Exchange Meeting, “Developments in Energy Efficiency”, will take place on October 27th at the University of Glasgow.

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