It’s been a fantastic year for new membership at Scottish Energy Association and we are delighted to welcome yet another new member – Community Windpower.

Community Windpower (CWL) is Scotland’s leading independent community focused wind energy developer and operator. Formed in 2001, they have a strong dedication to providing tangible economic, educational and environmental benefits to local host communities and their economies.

Specialising in the development, construction and operation of onshore wind farms, CWL believe in an open and transparent approach with all stakeholders during the various stages of planning and development. They are committed to working with Scotland to increase renewable energy development and deployment, to tackle climate change and boost the Scottish economy.

On joining SEA, Community Windpower stated: “CWL are delighted to join the Scottish Energy Association along with many other power and energy professionals and companies in Scotland”.

We are dedicated to strengthening commercial relationships, providing knowledge sharing and networking opportunities throughout the year, with our annual conference, the Energy Scotland Conference (formerly Power Scotland) taking place on 23rd February 2017.

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