Shale energy is clearly a topic which matters within the energy industry today, and following the great reaction we received from all those who attended the UK Shale Energy Conference, there is a real appetite for more informed debate on the key issues around the possibility of using this emergent energy source.

Our speakers on the day did a fantastic job in delivering talks that were not only insightful, but also presented a number of viewpoints on how to tackle this issue. Should we or should we not be going ahead with Shale energy? This was the key theme behind each talk.

Going beyond simply asking this question, the conference boiled it down to three main areas throughout each session on the day; Shale and energy supply market financials; Shale geology/engineering/technical issues and the scale of UK Shale reserves; and finally Shale safety and environment/public/media impact.

Each session certainly delivered on the promise of an informed debate, with each of the speakers making up a panel open to questions from a very eager delegate audience.

In the days following the conference we are glad to see that it has got those within the industry talking about Shale energy. It has also been featured in both The Herald and The Times over the weekend, discussing some of the comments made following Friday’s conference.

How we choose to act or not on commissioning Shale energy will need further balanced discussions around the subject, and one which we look forward to seeing over the coming months.



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