While we look to offer an informed voice across the energy industry, it is also encouraging to see the wider public gaining knowledge of energy use in the UK. In particular, we recognise the need to raise awareness of one specific challenge we face in years to come – our future energy supply.

That is why we are delighted to hear of the Powering the Future exhibition, opening to the public this Thursday (10th December) at the Glasgow Science Centre. In what we’re sure will be an impressive display, the exhibition will highlight the science behind the search for an affordable and clean energy supply for our future.

This of course is of great interest to everyone at the Scottish Energy Association, as we continue our pursuit of low-carbon energy and we are delighted to see SEA members, Doosan Babcock featuring as partners of this exhibition. While we look to provide our members with the relevant knowledge concerning all energy matters, there is also a need to inform consumers.

Through interactive and fun exhibits, the wider public will now be given the opportunity to understand the engineering behind the search for a future energy supply and the challenges that the energy industry faces in doing so.

Those visiting the exhibition will gain knowledge not only of the large processes, such as generating energy and transforming, storing and transmitting it but also how they can harness energy and what happens when they themselves do so. In particular, consumers will gain an understanding of what happens when they perform every day tasks, such as turning on a light switch.

We look forward to visiting and experiencing the creative ways in which the exhibition looks to educate the public of our energy use, here in the UK.

Scottish Energy Association represents a number of the industry’s leading players, assisting all members in offering them an informed voice across the industry on energy matters to legislators, regulators, decision makers and the media. SEA is dedicated to strengthening commercial ties and ensuring the best possible opportunities for businesses involved across the energy supply chain. We focus on collaboration between companies, liaise with academia on skills for the industry, inform stakeholders and act as a gateway to improving industry, media and consumer dialogue within and beyond Scotland.

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