Yesterday’s Power Scotland Conference was certainly an interesting and insightful event, as speakers put forward their opinions on UK energy policy, surrounding the main topic of discussion; is ‘Reset’ pushing the right buttons?

The first session of the day got off to a flying start, as keynote speaker, Lord Rupert Redesdale highlighted the need for a change in behaviour, stating that 40% of heat is wasted due to the inefficient use of energy in both domestic and commercial buildings. Lord Redesdale went on to suggest that we pursue efficiency in the interest of energy reduction, through relevant training.

Chris Stark of the Scottish Government followed on from our first presentation, highlighting success stories of the Scottish energy market. Among these successes is Scotland’s use of renewable electricity, which is now equivalent to almost half of all electricity consumed in Scotland. With energy exports sitting at £14 billion in 2014, we can now look forward to a future focus on energy efficiency.

The day continued with a host of experts discussing a wide range of topics across the energy industry. Our second session of the day focused on major industry projects, such as grid connectors, storage, carbon capture, shale and power to gas. Within the third session of the day, speakers discussed Scotland’s opportunities in the international market.

The conference finished off with the five main Holyrood parties putting forward their energy manifestos for Scotland, which led to a long and interesting Q&A session.

We were delighted to welcome so many excellent and knowledgeable speakers and delegates, who after took the opportunity to voice their appreciation of an excellent event.

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