The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) has voiced its support for the upcoming UK Shale Conference in Glasgow.  OGIC

The subject of Shale Energy is a hotly contested issue among industry peers and the public, with “fracking” being at the centre of it. Hosting the conference is the Scottish Energy Association (SEA), who last week outlined that they are holding this event to facilitate debate for both sides on what is becoming an increasingly important issue within the energy industry

Taking place at the University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre on 25th September 2015, this promises to be a key event within the energy industry calendar.

OGIC connects oil and gas supply chain companies with new ideas to the research expertise, facilities and equipment within Scotland’s Universities.  

By connecting industry and academia effectively and funding up to 50% of any University input to an innovation project, OGIC offers companies a rapid route to problem solving and the acceleration of new technology development.  

Ian Phillips, Chief Executive of OGIC, commented “OGIC’s involvement in the UK Shale Conference reflects the opportunity that we see for innovation in shale.  

The shale industry in the UK remains in its infancy, and will require geological and engineering expertise as well as investment and protection of the environment.  Shale is an area where we see strong potential for new ideas and new technology.”

Hector Grant, Chief Executive of Scottish Energy Association® said, “We are delighted to welcome OGIC’s support for the UK Shale Conference which provides a platform for learning, discussing and debating the topic so that we can fully explore it and be better informed.”


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