Ahead of this year’s Scottish election, the Scottish Energy Association support Scottish Renewables suggestion that Scotland lead the way in moving towards to a low-carbon economy.

For this to be possible, it is believed that by 2030, 50% of Scotland’s energy needs should be catered for by renewable sources. As we approach 2020, we must look beyond the existing targets, which are already in place, as Scotland has certainly made significant progress in recent years.

With regards to CO2 reduction, renewables now account for 15% of the country’s heat and electricity use.

While this initial progress would suggest continued success in the future, there is a strong need for support from the Scottish government. Therefore the election, taking place in May of this year, remains extremely important.

Scottish Energy Association is organising the Power Scotland Conference on 10/3/2016 and the day will finish with the five main Holyrood parties presenting their energy manifestos for the Scottish election on 5/5/2016. Come along and be part of the day and have the opportunity of asking questions on their plans. For further details see the events page.

Looking beyond the existing objectives, we now must focus on this new green energy target, which will certainly shine a spotlight on both wind and solar power.

Whilst the energy industry will require strong backing from the government, Sweden has already achieved the 50% mark, therefore emphasising the plausibility of also successfully meeting this target in Scotland.

With efficient support from the next Scottish government, the energy industry can look to develop technologies and innovations, which will contribute towards meeting these ambitious targets for our heat, electricity and transport energy supplies.

At Scottish Energy Association we support organisations across the energy supply chain, in the interest of developing existing and emerging technologies and innovations, involved in the generation of various forms of energy, including renewables.

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