Membership Terms & Conditions

i. Member subscription fees are quoted exclusive of VAT and are payable annually in advance.

ii. Applications for membership of the SCOTTISH ENERGY ASSOCIATION® (SEA)* will be subject to approval by the Board of Directors (Board) or other such membership group as the board approves.

iii. SEA reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and is not obliged to disclose the reasons for refusal. SEA reserves the right to refuse membership at any specific category of membership. SEA reserves the right to modify or alter the membership and fees and benefit
structure at any time. The receipt of a completed membership application form does not constitute a formal offer or contract of membership, until such application is approved by the Board.

iv. Membership category is based upon the type and size of the organisation applying for membership. Where an organisation is a wholly owned subsidiary or part of a group of companies, the membership will be based on the applying group. The category of sole trader is available only to those organisations registered legally as a sole trader.

v. Where a Member changes category by nature of size during any annual membership period, that member will be required to change its membership status at the beginning of the next membership period.

vi. SEA reserves the right to refuse renewal of membership at any time to a member or associate who:
(a) fails to pay by the required time any fees due, either for annual subscription or for any event or other service provided by SEA.
(b) misrepresents SEA, brings SEA into disrepute or acts in any manner deemed inappropriate by the SEA Board of directors.

vii. Joining SEA as a Member does not imply endorsement of any kind by SEA. Members may state SEA membership in promotional material, but this must not state or imply endorsement of any activity or product without prior written consent.

viii. As SEA is based on consensus from all Members, SEA does not guarantee to represent the individual interests of any Member at any time.

ix. The Members benefits as set out in the application form are indicative only and SEA does not guarantee to provide all benefits at all times and reserves the right to change the benefit structure from time to time as decided by the Board of directors.

x. Members will be charged a full year’s membership upon joining SEA and their membership year shall run from the date of original application. SEA reserves the right to amend the membership year and to amend application procedures at any time.

xi. Members will have 14 days from receipt of the annual subscription invoice should they wish to revoke membership. If a Member does not wish to renew their subscription for the relevant year then they will be required to advise SEA of this in writing within 28 days of receipt of the annual subscription invoice failing which they will be due to pay the annual subscription in accordance with Condition xii below.

xii. Payment of the annual subscription must be received within 28 days of the invoice being sent to the Member. If payment is not received within this timescale the full annual subscription will still be due but all member benefits will be terminated until payment is made in full.
If payment is subsequently made then there will be no extension of member benefits to cover the period during which member benefits were terminated.

xiii. SEA demands that all our staff and members are treated with dignity and respect at all times. We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind, nor discrimination of any type on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability or age by our staff team, members or guests. Any instances of this type of conduct by member companies’ representatives will result in an appropriate sanction against the member or individual, which may include expulsion from membership or exclusion from events.


* Note –

Scottish Energy Association is the trading name of Industrial and Power Association Limited, a company Limited by guarantee and incorporated in Scotland No. SC140994.

Brunel Building, James Watt Avenue, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, East Kilbride G75 0QD

T – 01355 272630. E – W – Vat No – 652 9117 33. Registered Office as above