smoke stack 1At Scottish Energy Association (SEA) we are extremely excited to reveal our new identity, it has been a long and memorable journey leading up to this point for us and what better time to share with everyone our reasons why we have decided to change and ultimately what we hope this will bring for us in the future.

Energy is an ever growing area of interest, all matters in the industry and the news around it have been at the forefront of the media for a number of years now, especially when it comes to carbon concerns, fuel prices and energy security. Making sure that the industry is in a position where their voice is heard is now more important than ever.

The energy industry is rapidly changing each and every day, something that we are proud to be a part of during this exciting and innovative time. With these changes businesses have to adapt to cope with this dynamic market and SEA has to plan for the future, which is exactly what we have done.

We have thought long and hard about what our members need and what the market expects from a forward thinking voice of the industry in Scotland. In order to meet the energy demands for the foreseeable future we need a balanced supply across energy sources and we believe that SEA is best placed to promote this and fully support our members quest to meet capacity demands, lower carbon emissions and improve affordability for consumers.

As well as this we also realise that it is just as important to inform the consumer. It is our intention to engage with consumers both directly and through the appropriate energy related consumer organisations.

In line with realising our goals we have rebranded as SEA, and we will strive make sure that the energy industry has a strong voice, one which can properly inform stakeholders with evidenced information so that they can understand the fundamentals of the energy market.

We believe that our new name explains immediately what the organisation does and it is our intention to capitalise on this and grow our membership, influence and profile to benefit all existing and new stakeholders. At SEA we will achieve this as we move ahead with new and enhanced existing services.

For more news and updates from SEA please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, existing members can also access even more through our new website. To find out about this and how you can join SEA click here.


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