We recently spoke about the impact of Brexit on the UK energy industry, recognising a certain degree of uncertainty, in relation to both investment and meeting existing targets. While many industries and organisations across the country face similar uncertainty, we believe it is more important than ever to provide both information and support to one another.

Our knowledge exchange meetings have always focused on supporting our members and sharing industry experience, while strengthening commercial relationships across the industry. Now, more than ever, it is important to provide such support, as we enter years of negotiations, adjustment and significant changes.

In continuing to host these events, our members will be provided with the most up-to-date industry information and the opportunity to network and promote their business, as they adjust to exiting the EU and the requirements of their organisation change.

Organising events such as these is not only important for the energy industry but for many others across the UK. As we prepare to leave the EU, each and every one of us will experience changes, particularly in business and it is therefore important to build on existing relationships and welcome new ones.

Networking is perfect for sharing industry knowledge and understanding how similar businesses are being impacted and how they manage this. Professional partnerships provide support for other organisations in your respective industry and are a great opportunity to work collaboratively.

Certainly for the energy industry, working together is extremely important as we work towards existing energy targets. As we continue to support our members, we plan to host a Brexit seminar in the autumn, while also continuing to host our knowledge exchange events throughout the year.

One event, which will be of particular interest this year, is The UK Shale Energy Conference, which takes place on September 30th. With such uncertainty now, for the renewable industry in the UK, this event is the perfect opportunity to welcome industry experts, who will offer up-to-date information on shale and how it can work with the renewable industry in helping to reduce CO2.

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