Scottish Energy Association (SEA) have some of the industry’s leading names as members, particularly those working in the engineering sector that are regularly bringing new innovations to the industry.


One such member is Heliex Power, who are one of our newest members and we extend a very warm welcome to them. Realising the “fast growing demand for more economic energy recovery” in certain temperature regimes, Heliex have invested in many years of research and now aim to become the global leader in steam screw expanders.


Concentrating on “Waste Heat to Energy”, the core technology behind their process is a novel rotary screw, which takes the low-grade energy from steam and uses it to generate electricity. This process enables additional power generation in a way that previously proved problematical due to extensive costs in certain applications.


The screw expander technology is well established and is certainly an innovative step for energy generation because the process is both simple and automatic once installed and involves low costs, in terms of maintenance. This technology also offers a practical alternative to the use of turbines, which are not able to process water or wet steam unlike screw expanders.


Dan Wright, CEO of Heliex Power commented on their membership of SEA: “We’re delighted to have become a member of the Scottish Energy Association, a respected organisation that really champions the needs of its members. While the energy industry in Scotland is thriving, it is not without its difficulties and so we are looking forward to meeting like-minded organisations and individuals, learning more and also sharing our message at many of the upcoming networking and informational events.”


Our members’ work continues to impress us, in terms of introducing new and innovative processes, which are efficient in both time and cost and these are aligned to the objectives of SEA. We are therefore proud to welcome Heliex Power as members and look forward to working with them.


For more information on Heliex Power, visit their web site to see the technology and services that they provide. For further information please contact Felicity Anderson at

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