Centred on the key theme and question, “Should Shale be Integral to the UK’s Energy Needs?” this year’s UK Shale Energy Conference was the perfect opportunity to hear from experts across the industry and beyond.


Various speakers put forward their opinion on this question with most of them in favour of it. MSP Patrick Harvie from the Scottish Green Party suggested hydrocarbon resources should be ignored and dismissed and therefore was the only exception to those supporting this central theme.

conference-31Delegates attended the event at the Technology and Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde, where speakers discussed the many advantages of shale gas exploration in the UK.

Firstly, in economical terms, shale will not only provide cheaper energy supplies but has the potential to create almost 65,000 jobs across the industry and extended supply chain. Speakers such as Mark Lappin, also supported the potential for not only cheaper but also cleaner and more reliable energy sources, while Alexander Burnett MSP recognised ‘fracking’ as an important opportunity for onshore energy supply, of which there are few in Scotland.

Speakers throughout the day ultimately noted the need for support from the Scottish Government, in terms of shale gas exploration moving forward, as it has in other parts of the UK.

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