As the preferred supplier of specialist risk management services in respect of Animal Rights protest for the past 7 years to the UK Government, through an accumulated 127 years associated experience, and cognisant of the impact of protest upon organisations and individuals, we designed structures to support diverse organisations managing associated critical incidents.

Mitigating incidents is fundamentally founded upon appropriate preparedness and resilience – appropriate critical incident management plans with proficient people to implement them, underpinned by timely, quality, information.

Our structures, proven exceptionally effective in many arenas, promotes preparedness, and drive resilience ensuring understanding of the threat, certainty in response and ultimately peace of mind.

After gaining a clear understanding of your business, and undertaking a threat and a vulnerability assessment, we work with you, as trusted advisors, refining and aligning our structures with your organisational ethos, geographic footprint and approach to risk. Support will be consistently provided with provision of dynamic, validated and assessed information, ethically sourced to facilitate organisational understanding of the ambient threats, an immediacy of availability to assist with any incident, thereby enabling you to pursue your legitimate business objectives.

Support can be secured at or 0161 341 0659

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