The Paris Agreement, signed on Saturday has been widely applauded and recognised as a historic agreement in the fight to hold back climate change and the Scottish Energy Association is firmly behind this momentous decision.

Delegations and leaders from some 200 countries have committed to keeping global average temperature rises “well below” 2C and will “endeavour to limit” those increases to 1.5C.

Every five years or so, nations will review their performance thus answering one of the main stumbling blocks during the negotiations.

World leaders speaking with one voice, does not happen often, so the COP21 agreement has produced a groundswell of support from developed to developing countries. A promise to give developing nations $100 billion (£67bn) each year from 2020 to help them adapt to cope with climate change but also to keep them from burning fossil fuels and move straight to low-carbon options is a mainstay of the agreement.

However it is really up to individuals and businesses to drive this change over the coming years. Scottish Energy Association has members across the entire energy supply chain, who will each be assessing the Paris Agreement and starting to plan their future developments with this in mind. Paris marked a turning point for businesses, with hundreds of companies indicating their commitment to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

So with the agreement signed, the hard work now starts and we wonder what changes will we see to the UK Energy Policy? Our members and consumers await with interest.

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