cache_37337494Having regular events and conferences has always been an essential activity for everyone involved with The Scottish Energy Association®. With more conferences and planned events on the horizon for us, we take a look at what are the real benefits of attending an energy industry-specific event, and where the real value lies for attendees.

As ever, the energy industry is rapidly changing and making sure that information is able to flow freely for all those involved is essential to meet the requirements of our members. The same can be said for any industry, and it is vital if it wishes to succeed. Attending events facilitates this need and allows for information to be shared among like minded peers.

With information being made readily available to you at events, members/organisations will ensure they receive updated information on key issues related to the industry and what other members are concerned with. Keeping yourself in the loop with what is happening around you is always going to be beneficial in an industry as fast moving as ours.

Of course, having all this information is only possible through the networking possibilities you find at an industry event. It brings you and other like minded members together, creating a learning environment and allows you to share best practice, ideas and experience with your peers.

Meeting others in the industry also sheds light on whether other companies may be experiencing similar challenges to your own that relates to the industry, providing you with a unique opportunity to engage and find new ways to overcome these challenges. This not only stands to benefit those attending, but will help the industry as a whole to develop new ideas to tackle current issues.

SEA strive to ensure that we make our events worthwhile for our members, which is why we use our longstanding contacts and relationships to bring only the best relevant guest speakers to our events.

By doing so we can help encourage debate and give our members important insight on specific topics. The upcoming UK Shale Energy Conference is a perfect example of this, where our guest speakers, all of whom are recognised experts in this field, will address the issue during their seminar.

For both our current members and those looking to join SEA, we will always continue to highlight all of the above to them when it comes to our events, as it is our aim not only provide a strong voice for the energy industry in Scotland, but also provide a platform where it can be heard. Simply put, attending our events gives you the opportunity to hear that voice and get involved with the industry.


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