Power generation (coal, gas, and biomass) under increasingly stringent emissions regulations

Date: Tuesday 6th December (10.00 – 4.00pm)

Location: Princess Victoria room, Mary Sumner House, Westminster, London

Fees: free of charge

Sponsors: APGTF and CRF   Supporters: UKCCSRC and CCSA


The Workshop will focus on the technical and commercial impacts of increasingly stringent emissions regulations on the operation of power and CHP plants, fuelled by coal, gas, biomass and waste.

The Industrial Emissions Directive IED 2010/75/EU came into force on January 1st 2016 and applies to new and existing plant. In some cases, there are moving targets set by Best Available Technology. Also there are trends in regulations from other countries on NOx, SOx, Hg, and particulates that signal likely future limits. There is also the possibility of plant being fitted with carbon capture and this will have an impact on other emissions and waste streams, and these too must comply with legislation.

Speakers are invited to explain the impact of current and anticipated legislation and share experience on available technologies and performance.

Outline Programme

Keynotes (10.00 -12.00 am):

  • BEIS –Clean electricity [Minister/Senior BEIS Official]
  • IEA Clean Coal Centre – overview of impact of emissions legislation on coal-fired plants [Andy Minchener, tbc]
  • EA/SEPA– Scenarios and actions [tbc]
  • Utility perspective [Roger Brandwood, Uniper]

Industry session (1.00 – 3.00 pm):

  • Update on technologies for multipollutants, including mercury and fine particulates [Dr Lesley Schloss, IEA Clean coal]
  • Technologies for CCGTs, new and retrofit [GE speaker invited]
  • State of the art coal power plant with multipollutant emissions control [Doosan Babcock invited]
  • Biomass Conversion and Co-Firing as an Emissions Control Technology [Graham Welford Doosan Babcock]
  • Suitability of CCS plants to meet future emission limits Prof [Jon Gibbins, Prof Mohammed Pourkashanian and Bruce Adderley, University of Sheffield]
  • Other speakers [Power Industry, Academics (e.g. Conv Power Consortia), consultants, OEMs, EPPSA]]

Panel session (3.30 -4.00 pm) and Closing remarks (Chairman, Dr Mike Farley).

OFFERS OF PAPERS NOW : email to by 4th November 2016 with name, affiliation and title.

REGISTER TO ATTEND NOW : email to by 25th November 2016, with name, address affiliation, contact phone number.

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