Almost a fortnight after the UK voted to leave the EU, many industries are still unsure of how exactly Brexit will impact them. There will certainly be significant changes for each and every one of us over the next couple of years and for the energy industry, this is no different.

Both in the UK and specifically in Scotland, we require on-going investment, in the interest of meeting targets and moving towards a low-carbon economy. Therefore, meeting energy targets, not only in the UK but also globally, as discussed at COP21 in December of last year, may become increasingly challenging, with such a degree of uncertainty following the vote.

Although the UK energy industry utilises local resources to meet energy requirements, there continues to be a dependence on imported resources, such as fuels, electricity and gas and without such trading, UK consumers may face a significant increase in cost.

While none of the potential candidates set to replace David Cameron are enthusiastic supporters of renewable energy, the industry has made significant progress in recent years and it important that we continue to work towards the very important existing targets in place, for Scotland, the UK and as discussed in Paris, the EU.

While the future for the energy industry and specifically, the renewables industry remains uncertain, we will continue to support our members, many of which operate internationally. We plan to host a Brexit seminar in autumn, in the interest of supporting and continuing to share information with our members, as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

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