Our work looks to shine the spotlight on the potential of renewable energy in relation to tackling climate change and therefore, 2015 was certainly an important and exciting year.

Amongst many achievements, renewable energy, in the form of wind turbines, supplied the electrical needs of 97% of Scottish homes. Not only this, but many households also installed solar panels last year, helping them to reduce their CO2, usually produced from gas, oil and coal to heat their homes.

It was a record-breaking and therefore monumental year for wind power output, allowing renewables to take another considerable step forward.

Also in the interest of promoting low-carbon energy, Scotland was represented by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon at the COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

As a country, Scotland has already dedicated much time and effort into working towards a low-carbon economy and therefore Paris provided the perfect opportunity to highlight this progress and negotiate and secure targets with various country leaders and Government officials from around the world.

We look to support all of our members in each and every one of their ventures, in a bid to assist the progression of CO2 reduction. Our Edinburgh Knowledge Exchange Meeting will focus on Offshore Wind with Martin Langham of Green Investment Bank will discuss various projects they are financing and working with along with a speaker from RES, world leaders in renewable energy.

With such a successful year just passed, we look forward to the year ahead and wish each and every one of our members continued success, in developing the creative and innovative processes needed to bring CO2 reduction to the forefront.

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