About Us

We are the Scottish Energy Association® (SEA), the membership organisation for the energy industry in Scotland. SEA supports power & energy organisations working in Scotland, across the UK and internationally. Join today by calling 01355 272630

Previously known as the Industrial and Power Association (IPA), we have now developed to become the SEA and the interests of our members are extensive and span the entire range of existing and emerging technologies and services for the generation and transmission of energy from renewable, thermal and nuclear forms of energy.

The Scottish Energy Association® is the go-to membership organisation for the energy industry in Scotland, dedicated to strengthening commercial ties and ensuring the best possible opportunities for businesses involved across the energy supply chain.

Scottish Energy Association® represents a number of the industry’s leading players, assisting all members in offering them an informed voice across the industry on energy matters to legislators, regulators, decision makers and the media.

Our aim is to be the voice of the energy industry and represent our members, focus on collaboration between companies, liaise with academia on skills for the industry, inform stakeholders and act as a gateway to improving industry, media and consumer dialogue within and beyond Scotland.

Among our services, we organise excellent networking events, conferences and supply customised and valuable market intelligence information for all our members. Our plan is to reach more energy professionals who will benefit from these and deliver new services to be introduced by the Scottish Energy Association®.

We aim to be as transparent as possible so that the consumer is also fully informed as to what the industry is doing. It is important to SEA that all energy matters are understood and communicated properly to both members and consumers alike.